KOIKE-YA, the pioneer in the field of Japanese snacks, has been founded since 1953. We produce and sell potato chips, corn snacks and health foods.

It has made first success of mass production for potato chips in Japan, and has developed a number of unique, original brands such as “KARAMUCHO”.

We are making every effort to develop a new material, new package and new market that can innovate current food cultures.


  • What is KARAMUCHO?
    Who is the grandma on the package?

    No.1 favourite spicy snack brand in Japan* A fine combination of spiciness and umami.
    *Intage SRI data: Spicy Snack Brand Category in Japan (2018.1-2019.12).

    Her name is TOMI MORITA. We call her “Hee Oba-chan”. She is 142 years old.
    She is a symbol of KARAMUCHO.

  • What does our brand, "Potechi" mean?
    Where to get "Potechi"?

    The coined word combined with “potato” and “chip”.
    A commonly used word for potato chips in Japan.

    Potechi is available in Europe.
    You can get "Potechi" at the store mainly in UK, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Spain, Norway and so on.

  • What does our brand, "GOKOCHI" mean?

    The meaning of Gokochi is to feel comfortable.
    Whenever you have these potato chips, taste sophisticated the flavor of potatoes. Open your bag today, and you’ll see what it’s all about.

  • What is the competitive advantage over other potato chips?
    What kind of brands does KOIKE-YA have(in Japan)?

    Our crisps are seasoned with carefully selected ingredients. They are the fruits of trial and error for more than 60 years.

    KOIKEYA has several unique brands.
    KARAMUCHO, Polinly, SUCORN(Corn snacks), Dontacos, and so on... Please try it if you trip to Japan!