KOIKE-YA, the pioneer of Japanese snack food manufacturer, has been founded in 1953. We produce and sell potato chips, corn snacks and health foods.

It has made first success of mass production for potato chips in Japan, and has developed a number of unique, original brands such as “KARAMUCHO” and “POLINKY.”

We daily challenge to develop a new material, new package and new market that can innovate current food cultures.


  • What kind of brands does KOIKE-YA have?

    KOIKE-YA has several unique brands.
    Karamucho, Polinky, Sucorn, Dontacos and so on... Please try it if you trip to Japan!
  • What does our brand, "Potechi" mean?

    The coined word combined with “potato” and “chip”.
    A commonly used word for potato chips in Japan.
  • Where to get "Potechi"?

    Potechi is available in Europe.
    You can get "Potechi" at the store mainly in UK, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Spain, Norway and so on.
  • Difference against other potato chips?

    Seasoned with totally selected ingredients. It’s the fruits of trial and error for more than 60 years.